About Us

We are not just a company, we are a collective force committed to redefining excellence and creating a legacy of impact.

"Empowered by Passion, Driven by Innovation"

Our company offers complete video production services and can handle projects of any scale. Our portfolio includes Influence advertising, Digital Marketing, Corporate Videos, short movies, 2D and 3D animation, and social media promotions.

We produce influential videos that boost sales. 

Committed to creating an effective choice for your brand and business, no matter where you are located, as well as for ourselves. Our team of highly skilled and has advertising solutions. We work across multiple platforms to enhance your brand and organization. Our approaches are customized and individualized based on the most recent advances in technology and market research. To understand the current situation, we indigenously developed a range of studies.

One of the best PR firms in India is DG-Tech EMPIRE. As a video services supplier, we help you market your company and brand while providing you with the technical, artistic, and production talent needed to develop the characters and creatives of the future for feature films, commercials, merchandising, and other related items.

In the last few years, we have made a concerted effort to provide our clients with work of the highest caliber. The primary offerings of DG-Tech EMPIRE includes designing and development, YouTube marketing, Corporate brand identification, media planning and releases, 3D and 2D animation, video Audio-video editing, Motion Graphics, E-Learning Projects, LMS, special effects, and more. We have also our production setup. The highly competent designers, developers, audio/video editors, and animators that make up DG-Tech EMPIRE’s creative team are in charge of producing, content & script writing, storyboarding, and animating every film that is produced.

With a vision of telling a range of stories, our team has been involved in documentary films, commercial videos, music videos, advertisements, and more. We are trained experts in all aspects of production. Come along on our adventure as we create tales and artwork that are unmatched and capable of capturing the spirit of your company in the visual elements of the medium of communication.

This Is What We Do For The Business Owners

Corporate Films ● TV COMMERCIALS / AD FILM ● E-Learning content ● Training Videos ● Influence Marketing ● 360° videos & AR/VR
●  Digital Marketing ● Social Media Handling ● Broadcast Services ● Motion Graphics ● Graphic Designing ● Animation in 2D & 3D
● Films, Short films and Serial ● All types of video editing● Compositing ● Color Grading 
● Theme Songs ● Web series ● SEO ● Web Analytic ● LMS platform

Our Mission

Empowering businesses with strategic and powerful video creation services from a customer interaction and conversion business specializing in video production. With specialized centered around technology strategies, we aim to enable the companies we serve to be ready for growth.

Our goal is to develop useful and influential apps, digital media, advertising tactics, learning tools, influencer programs, and learning materials for all industries which can help in preparing clients, and the majority of the population for today’s and tomorrow’s digital world.


The Quality

DG-Tech EMPIRE aims for greatness by meeting the demands of clients at every stage of the video-making process, from concept to finished output. We collaborate closely with our clients to make sure their vision is realized as effectively as possible, from the first concept to the finished product. Our mission is to surpass our clients’ expectations in each step of the video creation process while providing outstanding service to them. This, in our view, is the secret to creating enduring and solid bonds with people who use our services.


Our goal is to provide the best possible creative work. Being creative is a daily activity rather than merely an idea. We are aware that innovation involves both developing unique concepts and carrying them up as successfully as affordable. With any task we take on, we work hard to push beyond the limits of innovation and originality to make sure those we serve get innovative and useful video material.




We think that video content is an effective tool that companies can use to accomplish their marketing goals and spur expansion. We work hard to create visuals that accomplish the company’s objectives, impact the intended audience, and are effective.  We think that our dedication to achieving success makes us stand out from various video production firms and enables our customer base to succeed in an aggressive industry.




Our customer base includes new businesses, large corporations, government organizations, and projects in the private arena. We have extensive expertise in dealing with over 150 clients everywhere. We recognize that having such a varied background has helped us provide our valued customers with high-quality video material by providing us with an excellent knowledge of various industries and organizations.

Micro Level Instruction

With eye-catching visuals and engaging animations, we enhance the content to provide a memorable experience while determining the capabilities.





Utilization Experiments

Our concept of incorporating application simulation helps staff members learn about their company, software, business strategy, or other crucial business tools that will set them on their path.




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